TiME Tickets

Ticketing Made Easy


COSTECH Building, 3rd Floor Sayansi - Kijitonyama Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road.

TiME Tickets Company Limited is a private and local Tanzanian company founded in March 2014. The idea was originally born in mid 2013 and registered under Certificate of Incorporation number 106282 with the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) 124-753-783.

TiME Tickets is founded, owned and managed by young, enthusiast, passionate and innovative very own Tanzanians who wish to bring about changes in life styles of Tanzanians through ICT. As a company we always enhance the end-to-end business experience between the service providers and their end customers.

Vision: To become a premier provider of ticketing solutions and financial transaction services.

Power Behind TiME Tickets
To bring power and efficiency, TiME Tickets carefully harness the power of technology. Understanding the link between financial transaction services; between the business/ service provider and end customers. Revenue assurance being a key to any business, at TiME Tickets we giving power to business owners that they have enough control of sales and getting enough reports for the their business. Same applied to end users, we make sure they get better customer experience by making the process easy and convenient.

The main technology used at TiME Tickets falls under

  • Online Ticketing Platform
  • USSD/ Message Ticketing
  • Paper Based Ticketing
  • Affiliations

  • DTBi (not confirmed)
    Entertainment Finance