Tausi Jukwaa

A healthy girl, a better world


P. O. Box 53796 Dar es Salaam. COSTECH Building, Kijitonyama. Email: taarifa@tausijukwaa.or.tz Phone: 0712 254 966 Twitter/ Facebook: @tausijukwaa

Found Oct 07, 2022

TAUSI Jukwaa is an online platform which through its tools aims to create awareness on Menstrual Health Management. The target audience is mainly students (especially adolescents), teachers and parents/ guardians. These efforts are results of preliminary data and TAUSI Jukwaa's findings which clearly shows that the current awareness level of Menstrual Health Management is still very poor. Because of this, school-girls to take care of themselves during their menstrual periods, missing classes and in results failing to get the proper education. Boys also tends to mock girls, hence perpetuate social stigma. Teachers and parents/ guardians also lack proper resources to teach children and ease dialogues about menstrual issues. Moreover, failure to observe proper Menstrual Health Management might leads to infections especially reproductive systems.

Thus, TAUSI Jukwaa is expected to reduce this problem and become the vital part of initiatives so that to fully eradicate this problem. The objective of TAUSI Jukwaa is to create a generation which is free to talk and care about Menstrual Health Management. More girls are anticipated to be more confident and healthy, as well as not to skip classes only because of menstrual periods. TAUSI Jukwaa is going to save a good number of school girls who are the crucial ingredient to the development of tomorrow's generation.
Through its implementation, TAUSI Jukwaa will to use the available data and mostly importantly produce more data about Menstrual Health Management which in turn will be useful in improving menstrual health and increase its awareness in the region.

TAUSI Jukwaa project is managed by TiME Tickets Company Limited which is the grantee of first round of Data for Local Impact Innovation Challenge (DLI) which in collaboration with Dar Teknohama Business Incubator (DTBi), which operates under Commision for Science and Technology, (COSTECH).